Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Services

Safari Joint has, for over 10 years, been offering luxury "Tailor Made Safari Holidays" to critical customers from around the globe. The owners and experts have actually lived and operated in Africa and want Africa's wildlife, unaffected wilderness and people which they love to show visitors.

Our know-how depends on producing excellent wildlife vacations to all the primary safari locations in East and Southern Africa.

Our specialists are extremely experienced at offering exceptional safari vacations to all these locations and love to deal with prospective visitors to determine and develop the best safari vacation to match the individual visitor.

We do not restrict ourselves to wildlife as well as arrange African and Indian Ocean beach breaks, experience experiences, city and cultural trips to match our wildlife safaris.

Safari Joint also deal with households, honeymooners, unique interest and reward groups supplying the exact same level of personal attention whether the visitors are solo tourists or bigger groups.

Much of our camps in Africa are joint efforts with local people where training and education in wildlife preservation and management supplies work in the camps and lodges therefore making sure there is shared interest in saving these wild locations for the pleasure of future generations.